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The company group TH, represented by TH INVEST, INFO MENTOR and TH JUNIOR founded in 1994 has launched on the Romanian market 3 generations of accountancy applications, each time using new technologies and the most useful functionalities in order to enhance user efficiency.

They have a national cover with the help of collaborators and through a distribution system: in 2011 the distribution network WinMENTOR, formed from 54 independent companies, with a trained staff and authorized by the producer, can reach the client swiftly regardless of the dimension and the activity field.

Throughout Romania, over 25.000 people in over 9.500 private companies, NGOs and state institutions work with applications pertaining to the WinMENTOR range.

The management technologies of data bases are on a progressive path; therefore the WinMENTOR team chose the world leader (ORACLE) for developing the newest and most advanced application from the MENTOR range: WInMENTOR ENTERPRISE. Destined to medium and big companies, with multiple and complex activities, WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE is a package of applications based on the vast analysis experience of the WinMENTOR team but mostly on the observations and contributions collected in time from users.

WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE application presentation
The ERP WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE series, accomplished in the visual programming medium Delphi on the Oracle platform, was especially created for network and long distance work. The data base management can be done under any operating system certified by Oracle (Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris – on server), while the clients can work on computers with Windows operating system.

It is an application package which benefits from over 17 years of experience of a team that has offered the specialized Romanian market a product preferred by over 25.000 users: the management application packages WinMENTOR. Through its complete rewriting has resulted the mature and complete ERP series, destined to complete the software range of products recognized through its active presence on the market and for the efficient implementation of all its new products.

WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE allows multiple users simultaneous access at a data base, regardless of their location (including abroad), with the condition that they have a secure connection. The package programs are designed in such a manner that they can be used by people who are not proficient in accountancy, as soon as the initial configuration was defined under the guidance of the financial department coordinator. At the moment of the data introduction from the primary documents in models, the program automatically generates correspondent accountancy recordings making them immediately available. Using the client/server technology on the Oracle data base is a top solution for data base management.

WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE is addressed to users by en-gross and en-detail, construction, accountancy, public catering, service providers companies and pharmaceutical warehouse products, etc.